Do I need to register my bicycle?
Hartford Municipal Ordinance 37.01 requires all bicycles in the city to be registered with the Hartford Police Department. There is a 1 time registration fee for each bicycle. The bicycle license is good for as long as you own your bicycle. There is a replacement fee for lost or damaged stickers. Application forms for bicycle registration can be obtained from the Hartford Police Department. We ask for basic information regarding the bicycle and the bicycle owner and issue a license sticker to be placed on the frame of the bicycle. It is important that you provide the serial number of your bicycle. If your bicycle is ever stolen, we will have a record of your bicycle serial number in our file. This will allow us to return your bicycle to you when it is recovered. If you have any questions about bicycle registration you can call the Hartford Police Department at 262-673-2600.Municipal Ordinance 37 (PDF)

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