Curbside Collection of Recyclable Materials


The Director of Public Works is responsible for enforcing the City of Hartford's recycling Ordinance. The goal of the City's Compliance Assurance Plan is not to punish code violators, but rather to improve compliance through effective enforcement strategies.

Please read the brochure the City mails to you each January and follow the city recycling rules and requirements.


Glass, aluminum, tin and steel cans, newspapers, magazines, cardboard, office paper and plastics shall be mixed together in your ADVANCE DISPOSAL RECYCLING CART. All other materials shall be placed in your ADVANCE DISPOSAL GARBAGE CART.

Do not place your recycling cart directly next to your garbage containers or other objects (such as a light pole) that will impede the mechanism that lifts the cart!


Co-mingle the following items in the RECYCLING CART:

  • Aluminum Cans
  • Cardboard
  • Glass
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Plastic (SPI CODE 1-7 (PDF))
  • Steel (Tin) Cans

Place above items out by 7 am EVERY OTHER WEEK on your regular garbage day, per the recycling calendar available at City Hall and below. Use of a CITY RECYCLING CART is required for curbside pickup.

Plastic film and bag recycling:

Find the nearest drop off location

Batteries Plus Bulbs accepts old batteries and CFL light bulbs for recycling:

More information at their website

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