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The Hartford Police Department would like to announce that we will be hosting our very own Cadet / Explorer Competition. The Hartford Law Enforcement Youth Challenge will take place at Hartford Union High School on November 4th, 2023 and will welcome groups from both Public Safety Cadets and Learning for Life’s Law Enforcement Exploring.

Registration will be open from July 31st - September 14th 2023.  All forms are fillable pdfs. Any questions on registration please contact Officer Michael Kolbach @ (262) 673-2600 or email mkolbach@hartford.wi.gov. Submit forms to same.

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In 2006, Hartford Police Sergeant Jim Zywicki started the Hartford Police Explorer Post. In 2020, Hartford Police Department changed from Exploring to Public Safety Cadets, a program for youth ages 14-20.

2021 Hartford Public Safety Cadets

PD Cadets 2021 small



The Cadet Program gives the participant an opportunity to learn about law enforcement from a different perspective, learn about local government and its functions, and assess it as a possible career choice. Cadets train in hands-on scenarios that officers respond to, participate in training competitions against other youth programs, and volunteer at area and regional events. The Police Cadet Unit will also assist our officers with traffic control at special events and parades. 


To provide area youth with a better understanding of local government, its functions and responsibilities; to promote respect for the law; to provide each cadet with the opportunity to observe the operations of the police department in the discharge of its responsibility to protect and serve the citizens of Hartford; and to provide information and exploration of law enforcement career(s). 

Please keep in mind that this page is not monitored 24/7.  If you send us a message here, we will try to get back to you as soon as we can.  If you need police services, please contact the Hartford Police Department at 262-673-2600 or have if you have an emergency, please call 911.

Minimum Cadet Qualifications:

A. Must be a Wisconsin resident.  

B. Minimum age of 14, to 20 years old (until 21st birthday). 

C. Must keep body weight in proportion to height and maintain a high level of physical fitness. 

D. Must have and maintain a minimum of a 2.5 cumulative grade point average (GPA) in high school or college to remain in the Unit. 2.5 average is a combination of B’s and C’s for grades.  If grades fall below 2.5 (GPA) the Cadet will be placed on academic probation for 3 months to improve their grades back to 2.5 (GPA). 

E. Must undergo a thorough background review to assess character and integrity.  Must not have a  prior conviction for a criminal offense or serious traffic offense. 

F. As a prerequisite for joining, a hold harmless and release form from the agency and Public Safety Cadets must be executed by the parents or legal guardian and/or the Cadet if of legal age to sign such a form. 


The Hartford Police Department Cadet Post this weekend went to the State Conference in Wisconsin Dells this past weekend, and competed in numerous events. They were able to come back with 2 first place trophies, one in high risk traffic stops, and the other in conflict resolution. Along with these the post also was given a $600 prize for the post due to these winnings ($300 per first place), and we have decided that the 4 cadets who went will be able to receive this money once in college, and it will be used to help them purchase text books to further their law enforcement career.

Award Winners January 2022

From left to right:  Grace Millard, Clayton Wagner, Officer Michael Kolbach, Emma Leroy-Davis, Alisa Novak.

Program Interest

If you are interested in this program for yourself or your child, please contact Officers Cori Whipple, Derrick Janzen, Michael Kolbach, Adam Albea, or Detective Mitchell Kraemer at 262-673-2600.  You can also download a membership application here.

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