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A Message from Chief David A. Groves

Hello and welcome to the Hartford Police Department website!

I decided to take this opportunity to share the 5 building blocks we have identified to enable us to fulfill our department's mission and guide all of our efforts as we provide police services in the future.

We are a professional department; dedicated to providing the highest quality police service to the citizens we serve. Our mission includes: protecting life and property, preventing crime, reducing the fear of crime and apprehending those who violate our laws, providing needed services to the community, while maximizing efficiency today and in the future. Working cooperatively with the public, we will strive to improve the quality of life in the City of Hartford.

A police organization is guided in its operation by laws, ordinances, procedures, job descriptions and rules and regulations. In addition to legal and administrative requirements, police organizations are powerfully influenced by values, where values are beliefs that guide the organization and the behavior of its employees.


It is the mission of the Hartford Police Department to enhance the quality of life through community based policing that provides police services in a fair, conscientious and professional manner.

Hartford Police Dept Group Portrait


To help accomplish our mission, the Department is committed to the following values that guide our daily work and decisions:

  • Sensitivity: Our officers protect constitutional rights and personal freedoms. They strive to be sensitive and fair in all actions, unselfishly practicing compassion, tolerance, empathy and care for victims, complainants and all others.
  • Honesty: We understand that honesty is the basis for personal and public trust.
  • Openness and Accessibility: Our officers conduct departmental affairs publicly, they are accessible to the public, and maintain open and effective lines of communication. They work together as a team to identify and solve problems. They do what is in the best interests of the community, and will be responsive and attentive to the community's needs and standards.
  • Accountability and Efficiency: Our officers are committed to providing police services as efficiently and effectively as possible. While they strive to be as progressive as possible, they are concerned with conserving financial resources. Our officers are responsible and accountable for their conduct and performance.
  • Ethics: Our officers have a strong sense of self-discipline, duty, obligation and dedication. They recognize the importance of each officer and citizen as an individual.

Thank you for visiting us!
Respectfully, David A. Groves
Hartford Chief of Police
Leadership is an action, not a position.