City Administration
The City Administration Department oversees the daily operation of municipal government, including the:
  • Coordination of departmental efforts toward Common Council goals
  • Execution of Common Council policies
  • Recommendation of alternative procedures for improved operating efficiency
Duties include:
  • Coordinating a comprehensive land use/growth management program
  • Enhancing external communications
  • Maintaining a Facilities Maintenance Program
  • Monitoring the City’s debt management program and stabilizing utility rates annually
  • Reviewing financial data to stabilize the tax levy
Personnel Department
The Personnel Department oversees:
  • Coordination of grievance procedures with department heads
  • Negotiation of contracts with all collective bargaining units
  • Selection and training of new employees
Duties include:
  • Completing employment and performance records of employees are maintained in the City Administration office
  • Coordinating the administration of employee benefit programs, such as health and dental insurance, flexible benefit plans, and the wellness program
City Attorney
Hartford retains a City Attorney on a contractual basis with O’Meara Law Firm. The duties of the City Attorney include:
  • Interpreting  ordinances
  • Providing professional legal services to the City, including a legal review of all contractual arrangements and documents
  • Representing the City in legal forums