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  1. Employment Opportunity - Utility Technician

    Hartford Utilities is accepting applications for a full-time Utility Technician Visit the Job Opportunities page
  2. Attention Citizens of the 3rd Aldermanic District

    The Hartford Common Council seeks candidates for the vacant position of Alderperson in the 3rd District of the City of Hartford. Read on...
  3. High Street Water Tower Maintenance

    As part the City of Hartford’s commitment to maintaining quality service and safe drinking water, the Water Utility will be performing maintenance on the water tower located at the intersection of Center Street and High Street Read on...
  4. Sewer Lateral Replacement Fund

    A Sewer Lateral Replacement Fund has been established to help reimburse property owners for a portion of the cost associated with the replacement of sewer laterals within the City. Read on...
  5. "No Wipes Down the Pipes" Flyer

    Even if it says it's flushable, unless it is toilet paper it should not be flushed. Additional Info...
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