City of Hartford, Wisconsin

Employee Email Address Table

Please cut and paste the address listed below into your email utility to contact the appropriate person. This procedure is necessary to reduce spam. You will need to delete the space that will appear before the @ symbol.

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Airport Manager Director of Public Works dkranz @ci.hartford.wi.us
Borlen, Patricia Deputy Clerk pborlen @ci.hartford.wi.us
Cable Television   cabletv @ci.hartford.wi.us
Carroll, Doug Alderperson, 2nd District dcarroll @ci.hartford.wi.us
Community Development Authority   cmarks @ci.hartford.wi.us
Cummings, Sara Recreation Office Manager sarac @ci.hartford.wi.us
Dautermann, Joseph Mayor mayordautermann @ci.hartford.wi.us
Drew, Justin City Planner jdrew @ci.hartford.wi.us
Einwalter, Jennifer Librarian jennifere @hartfordlibrary.org
Engineering Office   sroethle @ci.hartford.wi.us
Ewing, Jack Technology Coordinator citytech @ci.hartford.wi.us
Fry, Ann Fire Inspector annfry @ci.hartford.wi.us
Hanrahan, Julie Administrative Asst. jhanrahan @ci.hartford.wi.us
Hefter, Lorraine Acting Director of Housing lhefter @ci.hartford.wi.us
Hegy, Dennis Alderperson, 2nd District dhegy @ci.hartford.wi.us
Hermann, Mike Director of Parks & Recreation mikeh @ci.hartford.wi.us
Hetzel, Lori City Clerk lorihetzel @ci.hartford.wi.us
Housing Authority   cmarks @ci.hartford.wi.us
Kohler, Joe Alderperson, 1st District jkohler @ci.hartford.wi.us
Koppelberger, Gary City Administrator jhanrahan @ci.hartford.wi.us
Kranz, Darryl Dir. of Public Works dkranz @ci.hartford.wi.us
Marks, Chris Community Development Authority cmarks @ci.hartford.wi.us
Meyer, Randy Alderperson, 1st Dist. rmeyer @ci.hartford.wi.us
Michalak, Timothy Alderperson, 1st Dist. tcmichalak @ci.hartford.wi.us
Mixon, Rachel Alderperson, 3rd Dist. rmixon @ci.hartford.wi.us
Piquett, David Dir. of Wastewater Utility dpiquett @ci.hartford.wi.us
Planning Department   csmelter @ci.hartford.wi.us
Prust, Ian City Attorney prust @omearalawfirm.com
Randolph, Roger Alderperson, 3rd District rrandolph @ci.hartford.wi.us
Recreation Dept.   sarac @ci.hartford.wi.us
Report Water Pollution   sroethle @ci.hartford.wi.us
Rhodes, Brian Director of Utilities brhodes @wppienergy.org
Rusniak, Wayne Alderperson, 2nd District wrusniak @ci.hartford.wi.us
Schall, Jason City Engineer jschall @ci.hartford.wi.us
Smelter, Char Planning Asst. csmelter @ci.hartford.wi.us
Stephans, Paul Fire & Rescue Chief pstephans @ci.hartford.wi.us
Timm, Dawn Finance Director/Treasurer dtimm @ci.hartford.wi.us
Washington Heights Senior Living with Services wheights @ci.hartford.wi.us
Webmaster   citytech @ci.hartford.wi.us
Wintringer, Barry Alderperson, 3rd District bwintringer @ci.hartford.wi.us
Wirth, Brian Parks, Building & Cemetery Maintenance Supervisor brianw @ci.hartford.wi.us
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